College grads – how do you show employers that you are the pearl in the oyster?

At OysterReef Coaching, we help young professionals master the REAL SKILLS they need to secure a job and launch a successful career

Bridge the Gap

Employers today desperately need agile young professionals who can hit the ground running in a fast-paced environment with real skills – active listening, collaboration, grit, comfort with ambiguity, the confidence to execute – to name a few. Yet graduates feel under-prepared when it comes to these skills.

We provide emerging adults a space to practice real skills so they can pursue jobs with confidence and create the careers of their dreams.

The outlook for emerging adults launching their careers has undergone a complete transformation in 2020.  Our unique coaching style arms young adults with the real skills employers need NOW.

For Students:

You want to find a great job, start earning a living and making the world a better place.
Real skills – the qualities that make you a valuable team member and a great leader – are more important for securing a job and succeeding in your career than ever.
Together we practice and build confidence in your real skills so you can convey your value during the job search process, become a linchpin at work and build the career you want.

For Parents:

You’ve supported your emerging adults from birth, and now you want to help them secure a job in the most challenging market in decades.
Their ability to demonstrate real skills in an interview will set them apart from other candidates.  Proving those skills in the first weeks on the job will confirm they were a great hire.
We provide the bridge from formal education to practice and proficiency in the key leadership qualities employers desperately need.

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The workshop got me thinking about better ways to approach all upcoming writing samples, and will definitely help me…

– Eva K : recent graduate

OysterReef Process

We help our clients demonstrate real skills through their resumé, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and in interviews. But we go beyond that by providing an environment to practice their real skills in a series of 1:1 and moderated small group sessions.

Students find peer-group sessions to be a safe space to connect, role-play, be vulnerable and push each other in a supportive way.  And, of course, the ability to work successfully with a group is critical in almost any job.

Coaching Packages

Exploratory Package

Become a linchpin in your organization

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Deeper Dive

Drive innovation and get others to follow you

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On-Demand Coaching

Targeted skill improvement for times when you need that specific edge

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