About OysterReef Coaching

Hi, I’m Stacy. 

I am a mom of two college students — a freshman at Purdue University and a senior at Boston College.  As I’m sure many parents can relate, almost every decision my husband and I made in our 24 years of marriage has been about getting those two kids launched, into college and on their way to independence and happiness.

I graduated from college, went to law school, practiced law for a few years and then moved into the corporate world where I climbed the career ladder in sales and account management.  As my level of responsibility increased, the importance of “soft skills” like active listening, collaboration and decision-making emerged.  I often wished for a coach or confidant to help me work through challenging situations and feel confident in my voice and value.

Then at the age of 47, an online program caught my attention with its focus on real skills — those qualities that make people valuable team members and great leaders and are too often scarce in the business world.   I enrolled in that program and have been coaching in the program’s cohorts of professionals ever since.  Along the way, I began to think: it would have been great to practice the real skills that are essential for success in the workplace at the beginning of my career instead of at the peak.

I saw an opportunity to change the way I worked with people, and envisioned leading young adults in the same direction, to improve work culture one person and organization at a time. And then COVID-19 happened, so I took the quarantine opportunity to build this practice.  That’s how OysterReef Coaching was born.

Stacy just exudes warmth, with a deep interest in others and a knack for making everyone feel valued.

– Taryn E : recent graduate

Origin of the OysterReef Name

I’ve always loved the inherent optimism and promise in the quote “the world is your oyster.” I said it to my kids often in their high school years as they considered their future college, major or profession.  So it popped to mind for me as I deliberated over the name of my coaching practice.

The saying comes from a line in Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor

“Why then the world’s mine oyster, Which I with sword will open”

– spoken by a nefarious character out to swindle women out of money, but let’s forget about that backstory!

Oysters make their environment healthier by filtering the water they live in for nutrients.  Young oyster larvae attach to a hard surface, such as the shell of a more mature oyster, for protection and growth, ultimately forming a reef which protects the individual oysters as well as the shoreline and provides a protective habitat for other sea creatures.

What a wonderful analogy for emerging adults who want to better themselves and our world as they embark on their careers!